(Paige Easter, Commission Artwork, Illustrations, Custom Art, Mural Art, Nashville Fine Art.) Paige Easter¹s work is as much about vivid color, texture and mood as subject matter. We can identify with this artist¹s moods by the media she uses, acrylics and illustrations for the more whimsical moods and oils for the more sensual. Paige uses the classic themes of food, romance, animals, and music but gives them a current interpretation in her paintings and illustrations. I love to paint on a large scale, explains Paige. By creating works in oils, acrylics, and clay I can chase the images in my head to the canvas. Much to the delight of the viewer, these images then jump from her canvas to our consciousness. Paige uses several mediums. She works on traditional canvas and boards, with acrylics and oil paints. Illustrations are done in acrylics, watercolor & color pencil, and on computer. She also paints large murals on wall with acrylics and oil paints. Paige¹s murals can be found from Florida to New Jersey. The majority of them are in her hometown of Nashville, TN. Paige started painting on tiles, and for the love of the texture they give her. She takes commercial tiles breaks them, glues them back together, grouts them, and then paints on her new canvas of broken tile. These are not fired. In January 2004 she started a new line of low-fired handmade tile. Paige has always loved illustrating recently she has gotten a chance to try her hand at illustrating children¹s books.   

Acrylics 1 & 2
Cut Outs

Broken Tiles

Handmade Tiles


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